Pamela McCloskey | June 29, 2022

Pamela McCloskey is proof that you can rise out of the pit of unworthiness and overcome the deep-rooted beliefs keeping you from living your authentic self.

Abuse, house fire, betrayal, death, illness, and hardship are some of what Pamela, aka Coach Pamskey,  experienced on her road in life. She was left feeling angry, lonely, hurt, and anxious. She truly believed she was a mistake with no purpose. Not knowing where to turn for help, she spent many years depressed, walled-off, self-condemned, stuffing emotions, and acting out in rage. No one knew she was dying inside. She wore a fa├žade to make everyone think she was fine. 

Today, she has made it her mission to show women how to rise out of the pit of despair. For over 20 years, she has had the honor of speaking life to women who were without hope and provided specific steps through “The No More Method” that causes the change from the inside out. Pam also created “The One Method” to help women stay grounded and calm during anxious moments.



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