Malana Baylor Amadi | February 23, 2022

Having healed and overcame several childhood traumas, a lifestyle as a sex worker, and homelessness, Malana finally figured out how to utilize her experiences and gifts to maximize her impact in this world. Late 2019 she created MaverickMayvin. What started out as an idea to coach people, one-on-one, on confidence and trauma healing, has now developed into various group coaching programs serving singles, dating couples, married couples, youth and women. The mission of MaverickMayvin is to help others attract and cultivate healthy relationships, starting with the one they have with themselves! Email: Website (coming soon): Facebook: MaverickMayvin Malana Instagram: @MaverickMayvin Clubhouse: @MaverickMayvin (Malana The MaverickMayvin) THEME MUSIC Artist: PRYCES Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: HBXBWG2KFT3LQJBG

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