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Like a basket being put together, you start off with strips or strands of material. With the material, you begin to intertwine them together until you form the finished product; whole and complete. It is WOVE’S vision to reach women who have been stripped of dignity, self-esteem, confidence, and pride either because of abuse (physical or mental), homelessness, drug addiction, or simply lack of love.


Our mission is to put together those things that were stripped away; intertwine them with the Word of God and form the finished product; the whole and complete women of God.

If you have a victory story to share with others – this is the site. Any questions? We are here to help. And just in case there is any question…EVERYTHING IS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. You have a True Friend

Everyone has their good, bad, and ugly days. Encouragement and inspiration are here to uplift you on those “not so good” days. I am here to help. YOU ARE AN OVERCOMER!


We are happy to partner with these fine magazines to further the Gospel and reach-out to those who need encouragement and a helping hand. Look for our articles and interviews by our founder, Althea M. Richardson in both of these publications.


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