Victory Walk Program

The “Victory Walk” is a three-step process for individuals looking to restore their confidence, work on goals and dreams, and eventually share testimonies of victory. Successful individuals “Pay it forward” by investing in others who are currently on the path of despair.


Biblical Principles: Biblical principles will be used to address issues in the life of the individual. Building self-esteem and self-worth, in addition to addressing the past, is the key. Once a firm foundation in their faith is established, understanding who they are and whose they are, along with having overcome any emotional issues or obstacles, the next step is Life Coaching. ***Individuals needing psychiatric/psychological treatment for mild to severe mental health issues are given a referral. ***


Purpose Coaching: Purpose coaching helps an individual reach their goals and continue the process of making healthy choices in their life. The coach plays an important role in motivating, encouraging, and uplifting, helping the person to become who they were predestined to be. Acknowledging their talents and abilities leads to creating goals and the desire to fulfill a dream. The main objective is to unlock their purpose which, in time, will work towards a rewarding life. Once the person discovers God’s purpose for their life, the process of working on their goals and investing in themselves becomes the next step.


Investing: Inspired individuals in the process of accomplishing their dreams will connect with others in their field of interest. They invest in themselves by participating in workshops, webinars, and classes. After investing and establishing a strong foundation, the individual will “Pay it forward” by sharing their testimony of victory and success and invest time in others.

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